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All pricing will be discussed during initial assessment and consulation.  All services require a consultation on the day of or prior to service appointment.  Signatures and payment must be received prior to services unless otherwise specified.  There will be no surprise charges or additional fees.
Please also see our About & Disclaimers page before booking.


pH Balanced Basic Wash


Includes a hand wash of the vehicle’s exterior with a pH balanced soap, rim face cleaning, and an underbelly rinse.  Underbelly rinse may not be possible on some instances due to vehicle ground clearance or in winter.

Prep & Seal


Everything included with the “Basic Wash” service with addition of degreasing exterior, bug & tar removal, and clay service to remove a great deal of surface contamination.  Followed up by a premium wax and sealant hybrid.  Additional charges for extreme cases of tar, asphalt,  or other surface contaminations may apply.

Decon & Seal


Everything included with “Prep & Seal” with the addition of a decontamination wash to remove iron particles embedded in paint and rims.  This can greatly help to prevent surface rust and improve paint longevity.  Highly recommended before winter.



Estimated Time: 1-2 Hours

Includes a vacuum of the interior with use of compressed air to dust the vehicle.  Glass also cleaned.

***Pet hair removal may be an additional charge.

Interior Touch Up – Cars, Trucks, SUV’s & Minivans



Estimated Time: 4-6 Hours

Includes a vacuum service and use of safe degreaser on all leathers, vinyls, and plastics.  Steam cleaning of upholestry, seat belts, and headliner. Glass and door jambs cleaned as well.  All leathers, vinyls, and plastics will be conditioned.  Recommended for regular maintenance and for all vehicles without carpet or upholestry.

**Please be advised that steam cleaning upholestry and carpet is effective but not as thorough as a complete extraction.

***Pet hair removal may be an additional charge.

Interior Steaming – Car


Interior Steaming – SUV/Truck


Interior Steaming – Vehicle with 3rd Row Seating

(van or large SUV)



Estimate time: Overnight (your vehicle must dry properly to prevent mold or mildew)

Everything included from the “Interior Cleaning” package plus carpet and upholstery shampooing/extraction.  This is the cleanest your vehicle will get aside from taking apart the interior piece by piece.

***Pet hair removal may be an additional charge.

***Highly recommended if you have never had your vehicle cleaned, if it was purchased pre-owned, or if it has been longer than one year since your last detail. This can also increase the vehicle’s resale value if you are intending to sell it.

Complete Interior – Car


Complete Interior – SUV/Truck


Complete Interior – Vehicle with 3rd Row Seating

(van or large SUV)


Fabric Protectant

+ $40.00

Application of fabric protectant on carpet and upholstery will help repel water, stains, and maintain colour.  We only offer this service with the Complete Interior package as this is currently our best method to prepare and cleanse fabrics prior to application of protectant. ***Requires additional 24 hours cure time after Complete Interior package. 


Biohazard Charge – To Be Determined With Minimum $25

Accidents happen and sometimes we need a little help cleaning up after them. If your vehicle contains bodily fluid stains or messes, mold, mildew, vermin infestation or anything otherwise hazardous to health we can help, but depending on the severity there may be an additional fee due to safety concerns. We highly recommend using the Complete Interior package to tackle these scenarios for best results. Please let us know when booking your appointments. We are discreet.

Engine Bay Detailing – $25 – 1 Hour or More

Basic cleanining of the engine bay. Helps remove grease, grime, oils or fluids, and heavy dust. Plastics and rubbers are dressed with a silicone free dressing. We take every measure possible to prevent damage to your vehicle but sometimes wash procedures can cause check engine lights or warning trouble codes to activate due to already present wear and tear. Due to this, a waver must be signed before this service can be started.

Pet Hair Removal – $25+

Charge for pet hair removal. Pet hair can work its way into fabric and carpet requiring a lot of labor to remove. This is why we recommend this service with the “Complete Interior” package as this is one of the best ways to remove the vast majority of loose fur. ***95% of hair will be removed, but you may find lingering hairs work their way out over time.

Stain Removal – See Description

We make every effort to remove stains with our Complete Interior package. This is why we typically do not charge extra for stain removal. If we can not remove the stain, we will not charge you extra for the attempt. Please point out trouble spots when booking your appointments and we will see how we can help. *Cleaning only one spot thoroughly on otherwise sullied fabrics only makes dirty fabric noticeable. Think cleaning only one spot on a dirty dinner plate!

Paint Correction and Polishing Coming soon. 

*** prices & packages subject to change.